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Nangli Sahib Gurudwara Jammu

One of the oldest shrines of the Sikhs in north India, the Nangli Sahib Gurudwara of Jammu welcomes devotees belonging to all faiths. The credit for the construction of this huge Gurudwara complex goes to Sant Bhai Mela Singh. When Maharaja Ranjeet Singh visited the Gurudwara in 1814, he was surprised to see the architecture, and therefore he attached an estate and four villages to the Gurudwara. To get to this Gurudwara, you will need to get to Jammu first, and then take a bus or a taxi to this place.

It has about 70 rooms to accommodate the pilgrims and a separate Langar Hall to offer free food to any one in need of it. The main building of the Gurudwara was completely burnt during partition in 1947. Later, it was reconstructed by Mahant Bachitar Singh ji with money from donations. The gurudwara draws thousands of devotees on the day-long function during Baisakhi festival (the day when Khalsa was initiated).


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