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Bahu Fort Temple Jammu

The impressive Bahu Fort and Temple stands on the bank of river Tawi, in Jammu city. You will be overwhelmed to see this 3000 years old monument and the unique 'Tawi flowing worship'. Constructed by Raja Bahulohan, the fort was later renovated by the Dogra rulers. The fort boasts of a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali (built in 1822), which is visited by hundreds of devotees on every Tuesday and Sunday. The fort echoes with the loud voices of “Bavey Waali Mata KI Jai !!” throughout the day. Surrounded by hills, terraced gardens (Bagh-e-Bahu), and waterfalls, the fort is a major attraction for the tourists.

The nearby area is an ideal place to spend quiet vacations. The Mahamaya temple (dedicated to Mahamaya, the heroine of the Dogras) behind the Bahu Fort is also much visited.


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