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Raghunath Temple Jammu

Wish to visit a temple with lakhs of “Saligrams” (the divine stone of Lord Vishnu)? Raghunath temple, dedicated to Lord Rama is a divine place in the heart of Jammu with seven shrines. The most important shrine belongs to the eighth incarnation of Vishnu- 'Rama', who is considered the patron deity of the Dogra community. The cluster of temples in the nearby area (all dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses related to the epic Ramayana) makes it the largest temple complex in North India. The temple was completed in 25 long years (1835-1860) by Maharaja Gulab Singh and his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh. A glimpse of te Mughat architecture can be noticed on the carvings and arches of the temple.

The Sanskrit Library in the temple offers various manuscripts relating to stories and incidents in the epic Ramayana. The morning and evening 'aartis' are conducted daily since its inception. One needs to hire a taxi or bus from Srinagar/ Jammu airport to reach this temple.


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