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Baboor Temple

The Baboor site basically consists of the ruins of six different temples. These temples are located within a radius of about one km. and holds great archaeological importance. Surrounded by beautiful hillocks and landscapes, these temples are beautifully decorated with carved idols of Gods, Goddesses, Celestial Dancers and Musicians. These temples are situated towards the south of Udhampur, within 1 km of River Tawi, and 8 km north of Mansar lake. According to a few historians, the place is believed to have been the capital of Duggar state.

The main temples of the site are Devi Bhagawati Mandir, Dhera Mandir, Kala Dehra- 1, Kala Dehra - 2, and Nand Baboor temple. The temples are not only famous for their unique architectural design but also for extarordinary Dogra Sculpture art. The sculptures of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva in Nartya Mudra, Bhairav, Bhrish vahan Shiva, Lord Ganesh & Lord Sun is what gives this temple complex its identity.

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