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Hokersar Wildlife Sanctuary

Hokersar wildlife sanctuary is located in Kashmir. The sanctuary is best known for the breeding place for most of the birds. One can visit this place to watch the natural beauty of the places as well as the natural vegetation of the place. Hokersar wildlife sanctuary is also a wetland where different migratory birds come and that’s why the place is best for birdwatchers. Birds like white-eyed pochard are coming from Siberia, China, central Asia, etc. Some of the species here are endangered and that’s why the government is putting more emphasis on their conservation. Those who are curious and willing to watch birds and wild animals can visit this place for their best experience.

Ideal for: friends and couples Ideal trip duration: 3-4 hours Location: Gund Hassi Bhat, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir 190012 Best time to visit: October to January How to reach: By road transport

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