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Food And Craft Mela

This traditional fair is organized by Jammu & Kashmir Tourism during Baisakhi, at the scenic Mansar Lake (around 60 km from Jammu). The fair lasts for three days and people visit this fair for the special handicrafts, unique arts and cuisine of the state.

Apart from all these celebrations, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is known for Bahu Mela (held at the Kali Temple in Bahu Fort; twice a year: Mar-Apr and Sept-Oct), Chaitre Chaudash (celebrated at Uttar Behni about 25 km from Jammu in Mar-Apr), Navratri (nine day fasting of the Hindus for goddess Durga), Hemis Festival (a religious fair marked by masked dances and other festivities) and so on. Jammu & Kashmir celebrates one or the other festival/occasion almost every month. So, anytime you visit the place, you are likely to experience a traditional and cultural activity of the local people that is totally distinctive from the rest of India.

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