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Shalimar Garden

Originally called the Farah Bakhsh or 'Delightful Garden', the Shalimar Bagh is known as one of the finest foundation by the Mughals. The Shalimar Bagh is located in Srinagar, by the Dal Lake. With its four terraces, the bagh includes a number of fountains, shaded trees and innumerable varieties of flowers that blossom in spring and autumn. The best best views of the garden's beauty are afforded during Autumn and Spring seasons, when leaves change their colour and the flowers blossom respectively. One can also enjoy a sound and light show (Son Et Lumeiere) in the evening, organised daily during the tourist season, i.e. May to October.

Shalimar was built by Emperor Jehangir for his wife Nur Jahan, in 1616. Covering a lush green area of 540 by 183 metres, the garden offers a wonderful view of the Dal Lake and the nearby hills. It is an excellent piece of Mughal architectural art as well. The garden has a canal in the center, which was used as a source of water supply. The magnificent upper terraces used be reserved for the emperor and the ladies. Black stone and black marble is used at several places including the pavilion and pillars. One can easily distinguish the Shalimar Garden from others on the basis of exotic terraced gardens, floral beds, and fascinating fountains


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