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How To Reach Jammu and Kashmir By Train.



Jammu Tawi, located in the state’s winter capital, is the busiest railway station in Jammu and Kashmir. It serves as the northern terminal of major trains connecting the city with the rest of India. Regular express trains from Jammu to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Trivandrum run efficiently.

The picturesque section between Banihal and Baramulla of Jammu–Baramulla railway line passes through several towns in Kashmir Valley. It is an excellent alternative for those wanting to take the tracks not often taken.

New Delhi to Kashmir : 12.0 hours

Visiting Delhi to Kashmir can be achieved in several ways. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. Due to mountainous terrain, road connectivity and conditions vary throughout the year. The valley and Jammu region cater to all kinds of travellers ranging from solo adventurers to honeymooners. Recent updates on weather, flights, and journey route are necessary to learn when travellers are looking up how to reach Kashmir from Delhi NCR.

By Rail: Jammu Tawi (JAT) is the busiest train station in Jammu and Kashmir. A major junction for Delhi to Kashmir train, Jammu Tawi is the northern terminal of trains coming from Punjab, Delhi, and other lower Indian states. The Jammu Tawi Express, Jhelum Express, Pooja Express, Malwa Express, and Jammu Mail are some of the daily trains running between New Delhi and Jammu. Katra and Udhampur are other railway stations in Jammu region. The Banihal to Baramulla line passes through Srinagar, Anantnag, and Pampore. Delhi to Kashmir train ticket price is roughly half of the flight tickets.

Mumbai to Kashmir : 30.0 hours

Tourists from all corners of India long to see the beauty of the Kashmir Valley. Taking an airline to reach Jammu and Kashmir from Mumbai, located in southwestern India, is the quickest mode of transport. Like all other metros in India, the city of Mumbai offers multiple options for interstate transport. If you’re a Mumbaikar wondering how to reach Kashmir from Mumbai, pick one of the following options that suits you best. 

By Rail: Travellers can either reach directly to Jammu from Mumbai via Katra Mumbai Pure AC or Swaraj Express passenger trains. Alternatively, take Rajdhani or Duranto Express from Mumbai to Delhi to save time and then board a train leaving from Delhi to Jammu. Keep in mind, travellers should opt for air travel to save time and money, especially if you are making travel arrangements at least a month in advance.

Kolkata to Kashmir : 24.0 hours

Kolkata may not be a match for Kashmir’s natural beauty but, the City of Joy has its own sweet delights to offer. Kolkata is located in southern West Bengal along the Bay of Bengal. Most people from Kolkata prefer either train or flight to reach either Jammu or Srinagar. There is no dearth of options when to comes to how to reach Kashmir from Kolkata. Take a look at following modes of transport and decide whichever suits your needs best.

By Rail: Himgiri SF Express and Jammu Tawi Howrah Express are two long-distance trains connecting Kolkata and Jammu. However, travellers can cover their distance of 1,500 km between Delhi and Kolkata by multiple trains like Rajdhani. And then beyond Delhi travellers can opt for a bus or rented car.

Bangalore to Kashmir : 48.0 hours

Kashmir’s ethereal charm brings travellers from as far south as Bangalore. The road distance between Bangalore and Srinagar is nearly 2,960 km. The best way to reach Kashmir from Bangalore is by air. However, depending on your budget and time you can take any of the following options. 

By Rail: Shri Vaishno Devi Katra (SVDK) Suvidha Express is the direct train between Bangalore and Jammu. The train takes minimum 54 hours to reach its destination. Alternate options include taking a Rajdhani train or a flight from Bangalore to Delhi and then taking train/bus or renting a car to reach Jammu.

Pune to Kashmir : 40.0 hours

Visiting Kashmir in peak summer season or during snowfall in winter is a rewarding experience. An experience that is worth making the journey all the way down from Pune in Maharashtra. Since the distance between Pune and Kashmir is about 2,000 km, travellers should book their flight/train tickets well in advance. Jammu and Srinagar are principal gateways for travellers visiting the state. Are you wondering how to reach Kashmir from Pune? Take a look at following ways to visit Kashmir from Pune.

By Rail: Jhelum Express daily runs between Jammu Tawi railway station (JAT) and Pune Junction (PUNE). The minimum travel time taken on this route, which passes through Bhopal and Delhi, is 41 hour 30 minutes. Travellers can also board a flight or Mumbai Delhi Rajdhani Express to save time.

Maharashtra to Kashmir : 36.0 hours

The most convenient method to reach from Maharashtra to Kashmir is to travel by flight. The states are separated by a distance of 2180 km. Therefore, traveling by flight is the best mode of transport to cover the distance. Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport (SXR) and Jammu Airport (IXJ) are the main airports of Jammu and Kashmir. Many nonstop and connecting flights operate on this route on a daily basis from Mumbai. However, if you are willing to travel from Pune, note that only connecting flights are available. Traveling by train is another option to travel from Maharashtra to Kashmir. Note that a direct train is available for Jammu. This means of transport is apt for those who don’t mind the time taken and are on a lookout for a cheaper option. Note that there is no direct connectivity via buses. However, one can opt to travel by road taking several stops. Listed below is the in-depth analysis of how to reach Kashmir from Maharashtra. 

Maharashtra To Kashmir By Train: Jammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT) is the main railway station of Jammu and Kashmir. Note that there is no direct train from Maharashtra to Srinagar, however, direct connectivity is available for Jammu. Even though traveling by train is time-consuming to cover the distance of 2329 km, it is still worth a try for those who don’t mind traveling for a long time period. Traveling from Maharashtra to Kashmir by train usually takes a duration of 36 hours to cover the distance. Jammu Tawi Special (09021) is the most preferred train.

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